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The Kaleidoscope Of Cultures and Civilizations

Fast Facts About Europe

Area: 10,180,000 square kilometer
Largest Country: Russia
Smallest Country: Vatican State
Languages Spoken: English is the official language though, but almost 230 languages are spoken in Europe. Other important or rather most spoken languages include the French, the German and the Russian.
Currency: Euro (€) but GBP is still valid.
Time Zone: UTC (Iceland) to UTC+5 (Russia)
Religion: Christianity (Both Roman Catholics and Protestants)
Climate: Temperate in general
Population Density: About 70 per square kilometer

Europe is the land of rugged Caucasus and Ural mountains with many pristine beaches and cupful of Mediterranean sea. Europe is also touted as the birthplace of what is called as Western Culture. From its tiny country Vatican State to the most romantic and beautiful la belle France, from the Holy Roman and Ottoman Empire of Germany to the modern living of England, Europe got molded from a fairytale land with roots embedded deep in the ancient history to headlong modernity, all swinging to the sweet Mozzart melodies and unwinding in Cosmic spas, reaching dizzy heights in all spheres of activities with slice of abundant sunshine, colorful art and cultural charm.

History - Holy Trinity Europe, the word is derived from Greek Mythology, being connected with her Highness, the Queen of Crete, wherein Crete is now famous for its frescoed palaces. It is believed that Europe was first inhabited by the Neanderthal Men ages back, say some 150,000 years ago followed by Cro-Magnons and finally led to the growth of much popular Persian Empire and the smoggy Athens, the state capital of Greece which is the ancient most country of Europe.

With impact from great European philosophers including Aristotle and Plato to scientific thinkers such as Archimedes and Pythagoras, Europe grew and prospered in the Classical Age only to fall into the Dark Ages. It is during this period that Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire in the Eastern Europe grew and finally marked an end to the Dark age leaving a great impact on law as well language.

Later during the 14th century Europe experienced its worst epidemic in the form of Black Death and this has devastated the European social structure in toto. However, it was the spread of Renaissance between 14th and 16th centuries in all parts of Europe that the continent bounced back and leaped towards the Age of Enlightenment with the notable Industrial Revolution happening in and around the England in the 18th century.

Europe has been an eyewitness to the rise and fall of Nazism as well the symbolic fall of the Berlin wall. The European map is redrawn and in no time it grew to become a force to reckon with.

Geography - The Mosel near Wolf The geographical variation of the European continent reflects variety ranging from fjord cuts, ravines, gushing rivers to mountainous terrain. It is the southern European landmass that is more mountainous than the broader northern lower terrain of Europe also known as the Great European Plain extending from England in the West to Ural Mountains in the East.

It is n the heart of Europe lays the North German Plain and the Central Europe and these reflect physical geographical features such as plateaus, river valleys and still complex geographic landscape. The Northern and the Southern Europe are separated by mountain chains including the Alps and the Pyrenees. Some of the major water bodies of the Northern Europe include the Baltic Sea, Celtic Sea and the North Sea. Europe's important rivers include the Danube, the Rhine and the River Tagus.

What one can expect from a tour to Europe?

Europe is a gateway to some of the world's loveliest countryside splendor aside rich cultural nexus, not to mention the great food and mellowed wine you get in this part of the world. It is but only in Europe that one can stay at sesquipedalian palaces or at cozy village inns.

The people of Europe are friendly, warm, hospitable and meticulous who welcome guests and visitors with open arms in their regional traditional look and feel. Europeans live in unity reflecting a harmonious lifestyle, and one can experience not only the vibrancy, but also the envious unity as one hops from one European country to the other. - Colosseo - Rome, Italy - by IvoMen Europe is a potpourri of cultural and artistic charm where one can see in the great cathedrals, castles, palaces and mansions. It indeed has the greatest number of museums and art galleries and undoubtedly Europe is a one-stop destination for majority of art lovers as it houses works of art ranging from antiquity to the present day contemporary style. Some of the renowned museums of Europe include the British Museum of London, The Prado Museum in Madrid, the Archaeology Museum in Athens, Kuntshistorisches Museum in Vienna, the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, Museum of Fine Arts in the Budapest and the Vatican Museum in the Vatican City.

Apart from delving deep into the historical past of Europe's bygone days every visitor to this part of the world can enjoy vagaries of nature at Europe's distinctly different biome system. The Southern Europe's high mountains, the Alpine highs of Austria, countless lakes of Finland, sublime stretches of Croatia and arctic landscape of the Iceland and Norway, all offer picture-perfect scenario and apt honeymoon destinations for the newly weds. It is at the Wales that one simmers away amidst lush green, glaciated mountains and rolling moorlands with peace and tranquility. And, from times immemorial Switzerland has always been the chosen as the favorite honeymoon destination, and it is at Europe that a newly wed couple can romance in Swiss style treating themselves with the famous Swiss chocolates.

Spend Time In European Style

One can never get bored when in Europe as there exists several activities the favorite though being to ski along the snowscapes Alps or a tete with the tee in beautiful golf courses. With several bike routes, Europe's bicycle tourism is also gaining so much of fanfare from all across. Indeed Europe has been a place for leisure activities and the weather complement these perfectly. Cycling is not only an outdoor sport, but it also takes one to new places while one can enjoy its scenic beauty in an environmentally green way. Cycling is more common in Finland, Sweden, Italy and Norway and it is at Lithuania one can expect to pedal through seaside tracks.

Playing Golf in Europe is not only a leisure sport but its long span golf courses attract many a tourists and competition clubs from all across the world in places to hold events and competitions in places including Portugal, Spain and Italy in the Southern Europe and Finland, Denmark and Norway in the Northern Europe.

A walking enthusiast can discover Austria through its several hiking and walking trails. For an active holidaying Europe offers all, ranging from Nordic Sports to cross-country skiing. - Show me the sky Europe has abundant avenues for water sports, Slovenia's water-world of fishing and sailing to Austria's crystal clear lakes for bathing during the summer are just to name a few. Canoeing and kayaking are gaining popularity as well in most of the European states. Finland is often referred to as Paddlers’ Paradise owing to its long sheltered coastline, making it ideal for diverse water sports.

And that's not all! Europe is an ideal skiing destination and a great venue for all kinds of winter sports as well. Thanks to Alps. It is to Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovenia that majority of skiing enthusiasts come for indulging in an array of winter sports. So make sure you plan a trip to Europe for an unforgettable ski-holiday break.

Health and spa tourism is picking up quite well in Europe. It has several health and wellness cosmic spas for one to relax and unwind and get back charged with zest and vigor. The land offers some great advanced aromatherapy centers to pamper one's soul, body and mind. Be it in Portugal, Spain or at Hungary. The extensive natural and geothermal water resources in Europe make every visitor rejuvenated for sure not only by spirits but also by health.

Nightlife in Europe - Burl (2) While you enjoy a day trip to a village or along countryside you got to break free in a city club and that’s what you can best do when in Europe as the nightlife in Europe waltzes with Mozzart. Vibrant, raucous and eclectic nightlife of Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Berlin or London can spice up your life. There are several dance clubs, live bands, musical concerts or operas, you can be a part of and tap your feet to drumbeats in style and unwind.

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